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Passion for Sound Warranty Terms

As the authorized Australian retailer for the products we carry, we stand behind the quality of the products we sell. That’s why we offer one-year transferable warranty coverage.

Relish the peace of mind knowing you have comprehensive coverage of the one-year transferrable warranty for your purchase.

Warranty on Flow Cables

With the exception of obviously damaged and misused cables, all Flow cables are covered by our transferrable 12-month warranty.

Should your Flow cable fail you, please read the section below about how to submit a claim before contacting us to arrange a replacement for you.

What if I am not the original buyer of the product?

The Apos one-year warranty is transferable. If you are not the original buyer, you are still covered as long as you can provide us with the original order ID and the email address associated with the order.

Before Submitting a Warranty Claim

1. Make sure your product qualifies

The product you are claiming warranty for must meet the following criteria to qualify:

It is less than 12-months since the purchase of the product

The product is not damaged by misuse.

You have the original order ID or invoice and the email address associated with the order

2. Submit a Warranty Request

Use the warranty request form here

To expedite this process, please be sure to include a detailed description of the issue with the product. Visual aids such as pictures and videos are welcomed and appreciated.

Once approved, we’ll send you a free prepaid return shipping label for you to return the faulty item.

3. Send it back

The return shipment must be dropped off within five days of when the prepaid shipping label is provided.

4. Resolution

We’ll send you a replacement once we receive the item. Your replacement will be shipped at the shipping speed of the original order. If Express Shipping was selected for the original order, the replacement will also be shipped with Express Shipping.

Alternatively, you can request a full refund. The full refund would include the cost of the shipping upgrade as well as GST, where applicable.

5. Limitations

Passion for Sound reserves the right to charge a processing fee or reject the return if it arrives in a condition beyond normal wear and tear.

We are only able to grant a maximum of 3 return/refund requests within a 24-month period. If the customer seeks a full refund, the return will be counted as one returned order against the customer. If the customer seeks to replace the item, the return will not be counted as one returned order against the customer.

If the returned item is part of a bundle, the remaining items that are not part of the return will be charged at their full retail value.