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Brainwavz Hengja


If you’re a lover of headphone audio, chances are you’ve hunted around for various storage solutions for your cans. There are plenty of headphone stands available, from the ubiquitous omega-shaped wooden stands to the various offerings from Firestone Audio and Woo Audio. The trouble is that sometimes desktop real estate is limited and having one or more headphone stands on the desk creates clutter and congestion. If only there were an alternative…

Meet the Brainwavz Hengja

Hengja-0229Well the clever folks at Brainwavz have come up with a perfect solution. The Hengja is a simple, but very elegant desk or bookshelf mounted headphone hanger that’s compact, stylish and versatile. The Hengja is made of black, powder-coated metal with silver accents. It consists of a very simple screw-tight clamp system and a gently curved metal pad for your headphone’s headband.

What makes the Hengja extra versatile is the fact that you can undo a single screw and rotate the hanging pad so that the clamp can be used on a horizontal panel like a desk or on a vertical panel like the side of a bookshelf. This makes it really easy to find the perfect, out-of-the-way location for your beloved headphones.


Although simple, the Hengja looks great. Black and silver always work well together and the tasteful branding and high quality finish mean that the Hengja looks just as appropriate holding a pair of Beats as it does a pair of HD800s.

Mounting Details

Hengja-0224The only challenge I faced with the Hengja is the size of its clamp. The screw adjustment allows clamping to panels ranging from 17mm thick up to 29mm thick. If your desk is thicker than that you can remove the screw-in clamping pad altogether and then the clamp will fit snugly on a 34mm thick panel. If you’re working with a desk between 29-34mm you might need to add some extra packing for those couple of mm – some cardboard or similar materials would do the trick. Sadly, if your desk is any larger than 34mm thick you’re out of luck with the Hengja, short of some creative engineering on your part.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the fixed surface inside the clamp where it sits against the top of your desk has a foam pad to prevent scratching and to allow a bit of give and a bit of grip to make sure the Hengja fits securely, but doesn’t cut into your desk or shelf.


Brainwavz Hengja top angleThere’s not much more to say about the Hengja that I haven’t already said. It’s compact, elegant and works a treat. My wife has already stolen mine for her office! The good news is that Hengjas only cost around $15 USD / $22 AUD so you can always buy a few!

Special thanks to Brainwavz for sending me a sample of the Hengja to review. As always, the provision of free gear to review never clouds my opinions. If the gear is good I’ll gladly say so, but if it’s not you’ll hear that too!