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Krudul Duo earphone holders


Having addressed all kinds of niches in the headphone and earphone market, Brainwavz have been filling all kinds of gaps in the market for headphone storage and now earphone storage. The Krudul Duo is a bit different, though, not just because it’s an earphone hanging device, but because when you buy one, you get both! For some people, that means paying for something you might never use as I’ll explain later, but at $15 USD it’s a small price to pay.

Before I discuss my experiences with the Krudul, here is the Brainwavz video introducing them:

Design & Functionality

untitled-shoot-9170003The two Krudul hangers, Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical, have very distinct roles as described by their names. The Krudul Vertical is designed to stick to any vertical surface such as a wall, edge of a bookshelf, door, window, etc. and hold your earphones against the vertical surface. The Krudul Monitor, on the other hand, is designed to attach near the edge at the back of a computer monitor where it can stick out from the side and hold your earphones next to your monitor.

Both Krudul variants use the same high quality 3M adhesive foam which means that once they’re stuck they won’t fall off. It also means that once they’re stuck they can’t be easily moved. You can pull the Krudul off a surface if you apply enough force, but you’ll need to find new adhesive and you might be left removing some residue from the original surfaces.

Krudul Vertical

untitled-shoot-9170009The Vertical is a great product that will work in almost any situation. There are really no challenges or issues in using the Vertical. You can literally stick it to just about any vertical surface and the hole in the arm of the Vertical bracket is large enough to comfortably hold any earphone cable except perhaps the very largest multi-strand IEM cables like the ones from DHC (like the one I use on my Noble K10s). That said, the thinner section of the cable after the Y-split, close to the earphones will fit into the bracket so it will still work, but you’ll probably have some excess cable hanging around if you do have a very thick IEM cable. For those with thinner (i.e. normal) cables though, the Vertical will fit just fine.

The Vertical is a really nice way to hang your earphones and most people should be able to find a suitable vertical surface. There’s no doubt that it makes for a very convenient way to store earphones without having to drop them on your desk all the time.

Krudul Monitor

untitled-shoot-9170010For the Monitor, I can say everything that I’ve just said about the Vertical with one major exception. The Monitor is designed to stick to the back of your computer monitor, but it has one fatal flaw in that regard… not all computer monitors have flat backs. As I discovered with my Dell monitor, the backs of many computer monitors are actually curved and the flat, metal bar that holds the adhesive pad on the Monitor gives you no room to curve to match the contours of a sleekly designed monitor. If your monitor does have a flat back (at least near the edges) then everything I’ve said about the Vertical apply to the Monitor as well. The hole size is identical so it will also hold almost any earphone (and cable) you could need it to.

The Monitor is a great idea because the side of a computer monitors is a really good place to hang earphones that you use regularly with your computer, but double-check the design of your monitor to ensure that it’s flat (or very, very close to flat) before you decide to use the Krudul Monitor.


For $15, the Krudul Duo is a great solution for those who want a safe place to quickly and easily hang your earphones on multiple different surfaces. The Monitor is very limited by the design of the monitor you want to attach it to, but the Vertical is universally useful. I think it’s kind of a shame that Brainwavz have bundled both products together when one of them has potentially limited usefulness, but at $15 for the pair it’s not the end of the world.